Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Six Attributes of a Successful Social Media Manager

The increased demand for social media exposure has created specialist roles such as that of social media manager. A social media manager will be the person who manages online communications. This is a very important role and successful businesses would agree that social media marketing, when handled appropriately, is one of the best methods of advertising there is in today’s challenging business market.

A good social media manager will need to have certain attributes that make them the right person to fill the role within your business. There are many people who claim to be social media managers but realistically they are not. In order to determine if a proclaimed social media manager is the right one for the job, they need to portray the following attributes:

1. Effective communication skills – This is the one of the most important attributes that any social media manager should have. They will constantly be interacting with others either by speaking or in writing. Effective communication will be the grounds on which they will be able to convey messages in the proper way and maintain open lines of communication with quite a large audience. They will always be listening to things that are being said and know how to respond.

2. The ability to be flexible – This applies to all of those people who are social media managers. They must also be able to work different hours, which are sometimes not the traditional 9-5 hours. They must have the ability to think fast, react appropriately and adapt to change.

3. Overall passion for social media – They need to be active on multiple social media websites and community forums. There is a lot more to managing social media than just being active on one website. They need to know what social media sites are best for the type of business they are working with. Just having an account on social media sites isn’t nearly enough. They must have a well-maintained blog as well as maintain a steady stream of activity on the sites that are most suitable for their clients.

4. Full understanding of goals related to client businesses – All of the content related to your business should be supportive of your business-related goals. A good social media manager will understand this and may have undertaken formal training to establish their expertise and fill any knowledge gaps.

5. Resourcefulness – They need to have the full capability to work under constraints and be able to put each and every resource to use. This means they will need to be able to deliver the best results possible given the resources available for them to use.

6. Persuasiveness – This will apply at all times when working in the role of social media manager. Persuasion has many times been noted to be a “weapon of influence.” With that being said, the good social media manager will want to convey messages that can change a person’s behaviour or attitude towards something.

Building relationships through social media is not something that will be done overnight. It takes hard work, persistence and consistency.

Being in love with Facebook doesn’t mean you can be a social media manager.

Finding the right one isn’t easy, but having the basic information about the attributes to look for should help guide you in the right direction.