Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Hi!​ … I’m Michelle

It was as early as 1999 that I started teaching myself how to hand code HTML so that I could build a t-shirt website and from there my love for the online grew.  I found that the internet promised many opportunities for gain for the savvy marketer and being of entrepreneurial spirit, it was exciting to me.  After formalising my learning with a qualification in Web Design, I worked in a small design agency in Chancery Lane, London and only stopped once my first child was due.  

But my activity online didn’t stop, in fact I still think its awesome that over these years while my children have been growing I’ve been able to sustain the household because of the internet.

You can imagine my excitement when Facebook started their business pages! I took every opportunity to use it for the purpose it was built, even being labelled a ‘gorilla marketer’ by my friends who had not yet started to see the potential for promotion on Facebook.  I built my page likes on Facebook long before they stopped calling them ‘fans’ and have had several successful enterprises online since.

At this point I’m going to gloss over the fact that I’m a single parent, raising two (now) teenagers with the support of my parents, but I am going to highlight that because social media has been so flexible, it allowed me to work from home, often with my son playing with his dinky cars at my feet and my daughter doing hairstyles on me while I sat at my desk working to get the money in.  It allowed me to continue to develop my skills and to have skills that are recognised by prospective employers and business partners as innovative and current.

For me, its thanks to social media that I could successfully start and run a beauty pageant in the UK, from scratch, and start an events portal website for the local community that won several awards beating several of the ‘big fish’ in the local area.

And I have always wanted to give workshops so that others may learn.  Thus, when the opportunity presented itself for me to teach Social Media for a career, I jumped at it!


I do still manage several social media presences for different companies.  I select carefully who I can work with so that it does not bring any conflict of interest with other clients I have, but also so that I can provide a personal service for each company I work with.

Contact me to enquire about Social Media Management and/or consultancy services

My approach to teaching social media

​I do believe that each new person I meet has something to teach, and something to learn. And the opportunity to have an impact on the lives of those who join the course is a responsibility I take very seriously.  I mean, I wonder if my French teacher, Ms Capelluto, remembers my name.  I always remember hers. Perhaps I may have a similar legacy…

Social Media is constantly developing, algorithms change daily it seems and there is always something new to learn and implement.  As I’m always learning as much as I can myself, implementing and keeping my campaign results relevant and evolving, I’m pleased to be able to discuss and share with like minded individuals who have the same goals. That’s the beauty of the job.