Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Small Business Marketing

Marketing and Entrepreneurs Part 1 of a series: Marketing Excellence for Entrepreneurs Many small business owners and entrepreneurs are experts at what

Satisfaction is at the heart of every customer exchange Exchanges, the transactions between supplier and customer, are the result of providing

Be Smart With Your Marketing Objectives Along with defining and refining the business mission, vision and values, many a small business

Why 'Google My Business' is important for your business Is your small business using Google My Business?  Many small business owners

Social media seems to be a necessary evil when it comes to business

Put the Social Back in Your Social Media Plans Do you want to save time during your workday? Do you wish

Relationship Marketing and the Small Business If you've been online, researching social media or marketing for your small business, you might

Social Media Career

Six Attributes of a Successful Social Media Manager The increased demand for social media exposure has created specialist roles such as that of social media manager. A social media manager will be the person who manages online communications. This is a

The duties and responsibilities of a social media manager are

A creative Social Media manager knows many more of these